MAXlife The Luxury Club

Via Fratelli Galliari, 15
24047 Treviglio, Bergamo (Italy) -

The MAXlife Luxury Club was born from a group of established entrepreneurs who have reached the highest level in their sector. We know well the story of each of our members: his efforts, his commitment and his passion. All fundamental ingredients to achieve success. Every story, every conquest, are unique and deserve the right recognition. This is why we have created a B2B platform that allows each Club member to be a protagonist.

The MAXlife B2B online platform enhances all club members and puts them in exclusive contact with each other. In this way new opportunities are created for national and international commercial outlets. Each MAXlife member can also take advantage of exclusive communication services and special promotional windows, as well as having a confidential treatment in the relationship with the other members.

But MAXlife is not just a virtual club. Every year we organize numerous events reserved for our members to get to know each other, exchange experiences and build relationships and partnerships. This is what today the market asks entrepreneurs and professionals, this is what all MAXlife partners enjoy.

We are an exclusive club, reserved for prestigious companies. Because a successful entrepreneur needs selected and qualified partners.
Comparison, contacts, promotion and internationalization. These are the goals we share with our members. Networking to conquer segment of market in Italy and abroad, for a business in continuous expansion.

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